Welcome to TITAN, Your Reliable Partner


We have a team of professional engineers to design and build custom gas handling equipment.

Our services include

  • Custom manufacturing of Trolley
  • Customise of Gas Cylinder Storage, Cabinets and Racks
  • MPI and Load Test Certification
  • LG Certification
  • ISO Tank Rental
  • Liquid Gas Cylinder Rental
  • Sandblasting of Gas Cylinders
  • Painting of Gas Cylinders and Racks

On site services include

  • Pipeline Projects
  • On site supply of Industrial Gas
  • Gas Distribution System
  • Cylinder Hydrostatic Test
  • Co2 tranfill to Marine Vessel
  • N2 Ship Purging

Custom cylinder racks can be designed and fabricated to meet your specialised requirements.  With years of experience both working with custom  cylinder racks and designing/fabricating custom  cylinder racks, TWC  is poised to offer you a solid solution for your custom  cylinder rack requirements

A hydrostatic test is the normal way in which a gas pressure vessel such as a gas cylinder or a boiler is checked for leaks or flaws. Testing is very important because such containers can explode if they fail when containing compressed gas. Hydrostatic testing is also a way in which leaks can be found in lower pressure vessels such as pipelines and plumbing.

The act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface.

Sandblasting is primarily used for two somewhat different applications. The first of these is to clean a surface of anything    that may be clinging to it. The second is to either etch or carve designs or words into glass or a similar material